MORPAC Authorization

Company ID: 

I authorize MORPAC, the political action committee of the Mortgage Bankers Association ("MBA") of which the above referenced enterprise is a member, to solicit contributions from myself and the executive and administrative employees and shareholders of my company (those paid on a salary basis and have policymaking, managerial, professional, or supervisory responsibilities). 

The authorization is effective for
the years indicated below.

Contributions to MORPAC are used to support candidates to federal office.  MORPAC may only solicit contributions from certain restricted classes of individuals.  MORPAC is required to obtain written member company authorizations prior to soliciting individuals on the basis that are eligible member employees or shareholders.  Member authorizations are designated by year; multiple year authorizations are permitted at one time.  A company may authorize only one trade association PAC each year to solicit permitted employees.

A MORPAC representative will contact you to receive your permission prior to soliciting any of your employees or shareholders pursuant to this authorization. The above signatory is authorized to provide MORPAC with this solicitation authorization.

   (OPTIONAL, skip this step and proceed to payment below if you do not wish to provide MORPAC authorization)

Cart Charges

By submitting this renewal of membership in the Mortgage Bankers Association, you certify that all data provided is correct to the best of your knowledge and you affirm that the renewing organization is in accord with and conducts business in conformity with the purposes of the MBA Canon of Ethics . You also consent for you and your company’s employees to receive emails, faxes, and other electronic communications, as well as direct mail, related to MBA membership events, and to products and services of MBA, our affiliates, our affinity partners and other select third parties.

Need Assistance?
If you have any questions or need assistance processing your renewal, contact the MBA membership team at (800) 793-6222 (select option 1) or email